The Grace of Faith



By Grace, we are elevated far above nature. Grace is more sublime than miracles, then why do we disregard it? Today, the modern worldly culture founded on expressive individualism views a universe ordered to Pathos (subjective feeling, personal view) and random chaos, even though truth, beauty and goodness, even physics, witness a universe objectively ordered to Logos, the Creator. We also let ourselves to be too deeply impressed by our senses with transitory things and have but a superficial knowledge of the eternal things of God.

Saints live within the love of our Heavenly Father, remain brave and strong, transcend death, and manifest the reality of the supernatural. They show us a well-ordered universe, that is good and beautiful, the reason for being, and how we and heaven participate in the events of history. With their intercession, we see the supernatural suspension of the laws of nature, which point to spiritual realities, not the works themselves. Jesus wants to communicate a message: believe me. By Grace, saints find reality and true freedom in obedience, from the Latin word oboedire, which means to listen, to be alert, to be discerning and attentive to the voice of the Lord.