About Saints Ways

To quote Christopher Dawson, christian culture is essentially a spiritual culture and it finds its supreme expression in the personalities of the saints. The practise of the Christian life in the successive ages of the Church are surprisingly relevant to the problems of our own time.


We provide informal courses, books and documentaries to reference the lives of saints and link them to the Creation, Scriptures, home life, work, recreation and your role in society.

Associating the stories of the saints and their christian callings connections through history provides a way to collaboratively bring faith knowledge together.

A Home Campus for Christian Family Education

For Persons, Families, Authors, and Teachers
SAINTSWAYS is a platform for sharing the realities of the faith brought home to the people through the lives of the saints.

Saintways is a volunteers initiative. We rely on donations to maintain the site so as to provide anyone with a free access to contents and courses. Therefore, we cannot and do not accept any liability or offer any guarantee that the contents provided will always be up-to-date or that the site itseld will remain online for any period of time. We recomment that you keep a backup of any content that you may want to add to this site.